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The best of the best. Truly world class wine made using Syrah grapes only in the best years.

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These wines are grown on sacred, small parcels of Gimblett Gravels land, and are genuinely rare and special.

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Gimblett Gravels Range

Our premium wines made from hand-picked fruit exclusively sourced from estate vineyards in the Gimblett Gravels grape growing region. These wines are elegant yet powerful and reflect the very best expression of the vineyard and winemaking team. These wines are made with food in mind and lend themselves to mid to long term cellaring.

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Lost Garden Wines

A Social escape, an exciting new Brand Tier - The Lost Garden.

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Hawkes Bay Range

This range of wines shows the best of the region with all fruit sourced from various parts of Hawkes Bay. These great value wines are well matched with food or can be enjoyed on their own and short to mid-term cellaring is recommended.

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A selection of Vintage and Non Vintage Port style wines, including our famous Tawny.

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Where are we?

Hawke’s Bay is the second largest wine producing region in New Zealand and is home to some of the oldest wineries still in existence. The region covers a total land area of 1.4million hectares on 350km of Pacific Ocean coastline. Four major rivers flow down from the mountains and their meandering paths have created a range of soils. Hawke’s Bay producers have recognised the regions ability to grow a diverse number of varieties dependant on the site. At Trinity Hill the varieties that require less heat have been planted in the cooler areas to retain their crisp freshness. Hawke’s Bay is however responsible for 85% of New Zealand production of the Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet varieties and we grow those in the warmer areas to ensure optimal ripening. The Hawke’s Bay white label range of wines are a reflection on the diversity of the region.

The Hawkes Bay is, in my opinion, the most suitable area for growing vines I have visited.

— Romeo Bragato 1895

And why is that so special?

The vineyards are our roots. It is said great wine is made in the vineyard and our aim at Trinity Hill is to produce distinctive wines of elegance and power that reflect the character of each vineyard site. With vineyards in specific areas and the growing of grape varieties well suited to those sites, Trinity Hill has a well-spread choice of wines.

A philosophy of “Quality rather than Quantity” is important. Controlled yields ensure the intensity of flavour and elegant styles for which Trinity Hill is renowned.

The majority of Trinity Hill’s grape harvest comes from the unique gravel soils and micro-climate of the Gimblett Gravels region, in the lee of Roy’s Hill. The soils are deep river gravels, left by the Ngaruroro River as it changed course over many thousands of years. Their low fertility, along with the ability to control vine vigour by controlling soil moisture, give small crops with highly concentrated flavours and aromas. This is New Zealand’s premier red wine area.

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