The Homage Story

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Homage is Trinity Hill’s Flagship wine. A wonderfully round rich Syrah inspired by the famed Cote Rotie of the Northern Rhone, it has consistently gained more “Parker points” than any other New Zealand Syrah, achieving  92  to 95 in its seven vintages.

First produced in 2002, it has been voted “Best Red Wine in New Zealand” by Cuisine Magazine and taken home the coveted Air New Zealand Awards Double – Best Red Wine and Champion Wine of Show.

Homage pays tribute to one of the Rhone Valley’s most iconic figures,  the late Gerard Jaboulet. A long-time friend of Robert and Robyn Wilson – his wine dinners at the Bleeding Heart were legendary. Gerard took John Hancock under his wing in 1996 and allowed him to work beside him at the Jaboulet family wine cellars in Tain L’Hermitage  throughout that harvest.

Gerard later told the Wilsons that John was the most committed winemaker he had had the pleasure of working with. He said, with some surprise, that John would stay behind at lunchtime to hose down the cellar.  In those days in the Rhone, lunch was much more important than cellar hygiene.

As a mark of gratitude, Gerard gave Trinity Hill cuttings of Syrah from his famed La Chapelle vineyard, in Hermitage, and Viognier from Les Jumelles in Cote Rotie, and from these our Homage was born.  Like the Cote Rotie of its inspiration, our Homage Syrah is traditionally blended with a small amount of Viognier.

Homage is only produced in the very best years, following the warmest growing seasons, and in very limited quantities. It is listed in many of the world’s top restaurants and is New Zealand’s most lauded Syrah.

It is presently available in New Zealand Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, the United States, Thailand and the United Kingdom.

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